Strategy Advice,
Business Development Support and
Public Affairs Consultancy 

Helping you to grow your business and expand market opportunities, through understanding and working with both the market and non-market environment.

We believe that the best consultancy is provided, when the consultant fully understands the business of the client and the dynamics of the markets, in which the client operates, and the influence to the clients business of the non- market drivers/environment. We will work with you to grow your business and expand your market opportunities by providing balanced business insight.

What we do?

Business and Organisational Strategy

Developing strategies for you to reach your business goals.

Public Affairs

Analysis of the market situation / conditions and the business potential, in order to reach your profit goals. 

Devil’s Advocate

Offering a second opinion on strategy and important proposals or recommendations.

Tender Management

Increase the likelihood of a win by doing your preparatory work well in advance and well before your competitors.

Training and Education

Training and education within the public sector, primarily Danish Healthcare Systems and Defence structures, Defence, and security policy priorities.