Devil’s Advocate

C. Corner Advice is offering a second opinion or “the Devil’s advocate” consultancy to business’, which are about to make a critical decision on strategy or are advancing an important proposal or recommendation which is mission-critical to the business and/or to the organization. There are potentially numerous stakeholders who might be detrimentally affected even though it is strategically necessary for the well-being of the organization. The question is, if the business is well prepared to address the arguments that likely to be made against the strategy or the proposal? “Strawman arguments”, illogical reasoning, “red herrings”, and rhetoric are effective weapons in undermining even the best ideas and recommendations. But there is also the risk of the business being caught in the “tunnel vision syndrome”, where you as a business have lost the ability to make several step backwards and to consider the situation and the options in a much broader perspective. This requires an external input and C. Corner Advice is an expert in providing the “Devil’s advocate” consulting service.