C. Corner Advice is owned by Steen Hansen, who is an expert in Public Affairs and Strategic Business Development. Steen has gained extensive work experience from more than 22 years in consultancy business, developing and implementing Business  Development Strategies, PR- and PA/lobby strategies, advising on political relations, media training, intelligence gathering, network relations, training in access and external relations etc.,

For over two decades, Steen has been as an advisor to both private domestic and multinational companies and public institutions, particularly within healthcare/life science, defence and transport/rail, thus gaining extensive knowledge and deep insight in these areas, for the benefit of the clients’ business and stakeholder relations.

Using his strong network to especially the Danish liberal and conservative part of the political spectrum, to leading stakeholder within policy making and to third party stakeholders/influencers to the processes, Steen has also served as an advisor to clients, who participate in a majority of large public procurement processes, 

On different projects, C. Corner Advice is teaming up with Danish partners and consultants, who are either specialists in Communications/media/social media or Public Tenders. 

C. Corner Advice is also working closely with partners in the Nordic Countries, Germany, UK and the EU-institutional environment.