Tender Management Consultancy

C. Corner Advice offers Tender Management (TM) consultancy and support. This is an area which has been experiencing significant development in recent years, since public tenders which in the past were solely focused on price competition, now include much more parameters and complexity. The new challenges- but also opportunities, require full insight regarding “the box” of Tender Management tools, and the types of public tenders and tender evaluation models. 

Another important element in large publics tenders is that in most cases, in the decision-making (be it on legislator or policy maker level) and in the spirit in the decision making, there is a strong link to the needs – i.e. why the tender is taking place in the first place. Identifying the needs provides a significant input to one’s tender strategy. Last, but not least, identifying potential competitors and their potential strategies also plays an important role.

C. Corner Advice can assist you with these tasks, as we believe that early engagement on Tender Management is one of the keys to secure success. Nothing is taken for granted, of course, but you as a business can increase the likelihood of a win by doing your preparatory work well in advance and well before your competitors.